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Anc'ora 2021 Bianco Frizzante (Box 6 bottiglie) Toscana IGT

Give those you love wings to fly and roots to return. At Le Palaie we have always looked backwards to project ourselves forwards.

This is the spirit of a wine that is made according to methods of other eras, but with the modern conception of a wine oriented towards the future for its freshness. (6 Bottles Box)

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Anc'oroso 2021 Toscana Red Sparkling IGT (6 Bottles Box)

The name comes from the initials of the founder of the Le Palaie estate, Angelo Nino Caponi (ANC), followed by an apostrophe and the word ora. It is a tribute to the captain of industry, a way to remember him every day and to enhance his legacy. There is a slight cloudiness due to the presence of suspended yeasts, which form a creamy red froth. The cork is crowned, as these are wines that have not been disgorged, with the presence of yeast, and there is significant pressure inside the bottle, exceeding 4.5 bars.
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Angelo 2021 Passito (Box 6 Bottiglie) Toscana IGT

The wine, dedicated to the founder of Le Palaie, Nino Angelo Caponi, is a Passito from the Colombana vine, indigenous to Peccioli, historically linked to the Upper Era Valley. Its name derives from San Colombano who, according to tradition, introduced the vine to this area in the 1600s. A bee is depicted on the label.

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Brusio D'Era No Vintage (6 Bottles Box) spumante rosato brut

Is a rosé spumante produced using the long Charmat method, with 8 months in vats that give its fineness and special perlage. It opens with floral notes, followed by fruit and ends with toasted bread. On the palate it is complex due to its marked acidity and balanced smoothness. 
The name Brusio D'Era evokes the murmur of bubbles in the flute, similar to the waters of the Era River that flows through the valley and borders the estate, it is also reminiscent of the people chatting relaxedly. 
The label bears a Magpie attracted by the sparkling bubbles. 

Regular price €108.00 -€12.00Price €96.00
  • -€12.00

Bulizio 2020 (Box 6 Bottiglie) IGT Costa Toscana Rosso

Bulizio was the first wine produced on the Le Palaie estate. It comes from a selection of the best grapes of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. On the nose it is exuberant due to its delicate spicy aromas, on the palate it is velvety and deep in its tannic texture.
The wine is dedicated to one of the founder's sons, who died prematurely. His name was Maurizio, but for his daughter it was Bulizio. For everyone Maurizio is and always will be Bulizio: a memory carved into the heart of the entire Caponi family.
The image on the label is that of a wolf, the king of the forest. Winner of numerous international awards that have placed him at the rank of the world-famous 'super Tuscans'.

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  • -€15.00

Gatta Ci Cova 2021 (Box 6 bottiglie) DOC Terre di Pisa Rosso

This is our most well-known, because it has delighted the palates of many people in Italy and abroad. Gatta Ci Cova is a Terre di Pisa, DOC red wine. It is a ruby red, fine and very elegant, surprising the palate with its freshness and smoothness, with hints of red berries. The wine gets its name from the adage “Qui gatta ci cova” (something’s going on here). Why? Because this wine hides a twin possibility. It is usually served at room temperature, as are all red wines, but it can also be served a few degrees lower than usual and lends itself to being slightly chilled in the Spring and especially the Summer.

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Ladra Orange Wine (Box 6 bottiglie) IGT Toscana 2022

The grapes used for the production of “Ladra” wine are colombana and trebbiano . The name derives from a “theft” of a portion of colombana grapes destined for the production of our formidable passito wine.
Ladra is harvested by hand, vinified and aged in earthenware, unfiltered and bottled by gravity. The label features the image of a fox, one of the animals on the estate.

Regular price €162.00 -€18.00Price €144.00
  • -€18.00

Murmur 2020 Docg CHIANTI (6 Bottles Box) IN ESAURIMENTO

This is the first Chianti produced on the Palaie estate, with Sangiovese blended with Trebbiano, red Malvasie as well as Canaiolo, Colorino, Mammolo and Colombana grapes. It is the result of a perfect blend of white and red grapes. The name Chianti is said to derive from the Latin clangor, noise. In Latin a synonym of clangor is murmur, which also means ‘noise’ and so it was chosen for this wine as it recalls the boar that roamed the Chianti area barking as they dug up the land in search of acorns.
Thus, the wine’s name relates to the Chianti tradition, to which it pays homage and to which it is connected in its vinification. IN ESAURIMENTO

Regular price €78.00 -€12.00Price €66.00
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Olio de le Palaie 2021/22 (6 bott. x 500 ml)

Is a first pressing oil, obtained only from olives produced in the property. Olive trees of the Frantoio, Pendolino, Moraiolo and Leccino varieties. The olives are totally hand-harvested in boxes at the beginning of the ripening and daily pressed with cold extraction.
With an intense, sweet and delicate flavor, initially spicy it then develops an intense fruity olive scent, our oil has low level of acidity and is distinguished by the antioxidant properties given on it by a high content of polyphenols.
The oil is bottled in the farm after decanting, without any manipulation or filtration.

Regular price €72.00 -€12.00Price €60.00
  • -€12.00

Sagrestano 2021 (6 Bottles Box) IGT Toscana Rosso

A historic red from the winery, Il Sagrestano is a wine from the old Sangiovese vines. The label features a pheasant, which goes very well with our wine, enhanced by the spicy notes of Alicante.
The name is linked to the wine's birthplace, the land that the founder of Le Palaie, Captain of Industry Nino Angelo Caponi, bought later from the sacristan who helped the Montecchio parish priest. That piece of land was initially called Vigna di Luigi, after the sacristan.

Regular price €96.00 -€12.00Price €84.00
  • -€12.00

Thulite 2023 IGT Rosato di Toscana (6 Bottles Box)

This is a still rosé wine made with Sangiovese and Merlot. Vinification is carried out using white grapes with soft pressing, temperature-controlled fermentation before being left to age in steel vats for 6 months with cold stabilisation. This is perfect for a cool aperitive. The name comes from the pink stone Thulite that gets its colour from manganese and calcite. The label has another animal found on the estate, a hedgehog.

Regular price €90.00 -€9.00Price €81.00
  • -€9.00

V. Le Palaie 2023 (Box 6 bottiglie) IGT Toscana Bianco

V. is a wine made exclusively from Viognier grapes. Vinification is by soft and direct pressing of the whole grapes. It is intense, enveloping and persuasive like a kiss. The letter V. chosen as the name stands for wine, i.e. the winery's flagship product, for which a series of awards have been obtained, but also for vineyards, which represent the beating heart of Le Palaie, the life and victory for the achievement of a series of goals. On the label is the image of a butterfly, symbol of flight and elegance that conquers at first glance, as light and graceful as the V.

Regular price €96.00 -€12.00Price €84.00
  • -€12.00

Vista Vigna 2020 (Box 6 Bt) IGT Costa Toscana Rosso

With an intense red color with violet reflections, Vista Vigna has a rich and intense bouquet, ranging from ripe fruit to spicy hints given by aging. 
On the palate well structured with a lively but velvety and persistent tannin.

Regular price €252.00 -€24.00Price €228.00
  • -€24.00

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