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Anc'ora 2021 Bianco Frizzante (Box 6 bottiglie)...

Give those you love wings to fly and roots to return. At Le Palaie we have always looked backwards to project ourselves forwards.

This is the spirit of a wine that is made according to methods of other eras, but with the modern conception of a wine oriented towards the future for its freshness. (6 Bottles Box)

Regular price €103.28 -€12.00Price €91.28
  • -€12.00

Anc'oroso 2021 Toscana Red Sparkling IGT (6...

Fresh laughter and loud smiles pop from a thousand bubbles. Colourful glasses are filled with sparkling ANC'oroso, born from hilarious, cute grapes, created to spend pleasant time in the company of those who can't get bored.
The sparkling wine "ANC'oroso" represents lightness and innovation, both the idea of an effervescent, light and playful wine and the new position of a grape variety such as the Alicante bouschet.

Regular price €103.28 -€12.00Price €91.28
  • -€12.00

Ladra Orange Wine (6 Bottle Box) IGT Toscana 2020

Obtained with sun, earth, passion and a little "theft" from the production of our white wine!

The vineyards from which it comes, minimally treated with copper and sulphur, are fertilised with green manure from various species of leguminous plants. Harvested by hand.

Unfiltered, bottled by gravity, free so2 below 10mg/l. 6 bottles box.

Regular price €150.00 -€15.00Price €135.00
  • -€15.00

Murmur 2020 Docg CHIANTI (6 Bottles Box)

For more than sixty years, the gentle slopes have been home to sinuous, multi-coloured vines, where Sangiovese blends with Trebbiano, Malvasie Nero and rounded grapes of Canaiolo, Colorino, Mammolo and Colombana.

Among the narrow rows of vines, wild boars search for acorns on the tall oaks, grunting and digging through the roots. The grapes, bred with ancient rhythms, finish their journey, taking refuge together in the noise of fermentation. 6 bottles box.

Regular price €78.00 -€12.00Price €66.00
  • -€12.00

Olio de le Palaie 2021/22 (6 bott. x 500 ml)

Is a first pressing oil, obtained only from olives produced in the property. Olive trees of the Frantoio, Pendolino, Moraiolo and Leccino varieties. The olives are totally hand-harvested in boxes at the beginning of the ripening and daily pressed with cold extraction.
With an intense, sweet and delicate flavor, initially spicy it then develops an intense fruity olive scent, our oil has low level of acidity and is distinguished by the antioxidant properties given on it by a high content of polyphenols.
The oil is bottled in the farm after decanting, without any manipulation or filtration.

Regular price €72.00 -€12.00Price €60.00
  • -€12.00

Sotterfugio 2019 (Box 6 Bottiglie) IGT Toscana...

Sotterfugio is a pure Sangiovese, jealously hidden in the cellar inside a Cocciopesto casket that softens its severity and tannin, preserving the spicy notes of powdery coffee and cocoa.
It acquires from Cocciopesto the wisdom of history and from vinification the freshness of a carefree sandy soil on the Pisan hills

Regular price €234.00 -€34.00Price €200.00
  • -€34.00

Thulite 2020 IGT Rosato di Toscana (6 Bottles Box)

Vineyards perched on marine soils, which give an explosive freshness to the nose and the palate. Serve slightly cool for a cozy aperitif after a busy day, but with a few degrees more, warmer and get your taste buds dancing.
As Thulite stone evokes pleasant emotions, our rosé lets you appreciate the pleasures of life. 

Regular price €66.00 -€6.00Price €60.00
  • -€6.00

Viognier de Le Palaie 2019 Lt 0,375 (12 Bottles...

From the rows of vines running between the cypress trees comes Viognier de Le Palaie, a straw yellow wine with golden highlights.

Seductive and salty bouquet containing hints of tropical fruit and citrus.Mineral purity supporting good structure and tartness; persistent, intense, with great ageing potential.

Box 12 bottle Lt 0,375.

Regular price €84.00 -€6.00Price €78.00
  • -€6.00

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