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Brusio D'Era No Vintage Magnum Lt 1,5 spumante rosato brut

Brusio /bru-sì-o/ [onomatopoeic voice] s. m.

1 Mild and prolonged noise of flowing waters, of branches and leaves moved by the wind,

2 Confused and indistinct sound, resulting from the simultaneous murmuring of several people,

3 sound of the fine and persistent perlage of the Brusio D’Era of Le Palaie, Spumante Method Charmat Rosé Brut, light pink color, good brilliance, perfume that opens with slight floral sensations, proceeding with hints of fruit and, on the finish, toasted bread.

Taste complex. It contrasts the marked acidity with a balanced sugar content. Bottle Lt 1,5.

Price €32.00

Murmur 2020 Magnum Lt 1,5 Docg CHIANTI

For more than sixty years, the gentle slopes have been home to sinuous, multi-coloured vines, where Sangiovese blends with Trebbiano, Malvasie Nero and rounded grapes of Canaiolo, Colorino, Mammolo and Colombana.

Among the narrow rows of vines, wild boars search for acorns on the tall oaks, grunting and digging through the roots. The grapes, bred with ancient rhythms, finish their journey, taking refuge together in the noise of fermentation. Bottle Lt 1,5.

Price €29.00

Thulite 2021 IGT Rosato di Toscana Magnum Lt 1,5

Vineyards perched on marine soils, which give an explosive freshness to the nose and the palate. Serve slightly cool for a cozy aperitif after a busy day, but with a few degrees more, warmer and get your taste buds dancing.
As Thulite stone evokes pleasant emotions, our rosé lets you appreciate the pleasures of life. Bottle Lt 1,5.

Price €25.00

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